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This race will share from the start the whole course with the UTM Endurance. It will be a very challenging race with two very hard initial climbs: up to Alto das Veias, followed by the Vertical KM of Marão and Sra. da Serra.

On the trail of more secrets, you will run through the entire Heart of Marão.

Don’t doubt the hardness of this challenge, for the Marão will mark you as one of the most exhausting races you have ever dared.

Be resilient!

Let yourself fall in love with these tracks of pure enchantment!

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What To See

departure times

// saturday, April 1, 2023
// 8:00 (Centro de Lazer de Ansiães, Eido, Ansiães, Amarante)
// limit time: 17h

limit registrations

500 people


// 60 km e 4000 m d+
// Maximum quota: Sra. da Serra, 1416 m.
// Minimum quota: Pista do Formão, 58m
// 3 saws, 1 mountain range
// Difficulty level: (4000/10)/60 = 6,7 pts
// Itra: 60+ (4000/100) = 100 pts



You follow through beautiful rural pathways, until you reach the latter stages of the uphill towards Alto das Veias, followed by Portal da Freita.
The appetizer is done, a kind of KM Vertical. Caution is required. These two ridges when faced with winter weather are fearful. It’s a storm.
Take shelter as you lower the altitude, embracing a wonderful birch trees grove. And then you’ll find the village of Montes, Cotorinho and after the exuberante river of Moinhos we’ve arrived to Soutelo.

17,1 Km // 1.344 mD+ // 1.117 mD-

Maximum time: 4h00
Limit hour: 12h00

Team: Linces do Marão


Up next is the the mythical climb up the KMV Marão. All that’s left now are 3 kms with almost 800m of positive slope. Until you reach the Marão summit and the “Senhora da Serra”, the views through “O Reino Maravilhoso” are sublime. Take in the view and enjoy it.

Atferwards, there’s the long descent until the the village of Mafómedes. The view throughout the path is astounding and fills your soul with joy: cumeeira da Fraga de Erminde, Encosta das Lajes and Seixinhos. As far as your eye can see!

Mafómedes is the most isolated mountain town in Marão.

12 Km // 1.072 mD+ // 927 mD-

Maximum time: 4h00
Limit hour: 16h00

Equipa: MDA - Monte dos Amigos


Once again you will gain altitude throughout herding trails and after reaching the base, you will precipitate down through a lush forest to the village of Póvoa.
Take a path past the Penedo Longo.
Arriving at the plateau of Corvachã, wander through the rock's edges, precipitating down a single track until the Carneiro River. Taking the final climb of this stretch, nature toasts with lush vegetation. Pardinhas is admirably set in this magical setting, and the water from its springs is the much desired gift that fulfills, recovers and forces you until it reaches Travanca do Monte. Here one lives and breathes silence and peace and finds the fullness of the senses.

13,9 Km // 963 mD+ // 1.057 mD-

Maximum time: 4h00
Limit hour: 20h00


Travanca, the refuge of Teixeira de Pascoaes, is still loved by writers and other art workers. Its charm awakens our senses to what is the largest megalithic necropolis in northern Portugal. The mysticism of the Serra of Aboboreira and the traces found there are the perfect harmony for meeting our ancestors, from thousands of years ago. This meeting ends as soon as you reach Aldeia Velha. The already more bucolic scenario is quickly invaded by an exuberant succession of magnificent waterfalls that run along the Goiva Stream. And you get to the picnic park of S. Simão de Gouveia.
And surrounded by successive waterfalls, right after the supply.

10,2 Km / 319 mD+ / 822 mD-

Maximum time: 2h30
Limit hour: 22h30


Going down until the Ovelha River. Take a small climb by an abandoned place. In Salvador do Monte, after crossing the village, follow a short descent to the Tâmega River. Walk for two kilometers along the river through a forest path until you reach Amarante.

9,6 Km / 378 mD+ / 508 mD-

Maximum time: 2h30
Limit hour: 1h00

What they say

“Super well marked!
Definitely a race that you should consider, a technical course and with diversity of landscape, good gradient and climatic conditions, simply that added excitement to the challenge of concluding it. Thanks to the organization and the people of Amarante, we had a lot of fun. “

Miriam Ramirez

Ticket TABLE

LocalityKmPartial DistanceSupplyHeightPartial slopeAscentDescentAccumulated positive slopeAccumulated negative slopeFirst runnerLast runnerTime barriersCoordinate GPS 
Soutelo17,117,1AB 565122713441117134411179:4211:3012:0041.25952-7.85936 
Mafómedes29,112AB 679614510729272416204411:1815:2016:0041.2167-7.90866 
Travanca do Monte4313,9AB 7702-9496310573379310113:0119:2020:0041.21708-8.00397 
Gouveia (S. Simão)5310,2AB 8199-5033198223698392314:0722:0022:3041.22523-8.07206