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This race starts right in the center of the beautiful town of Baião, located between the Aboboreira and Castelo de Matos mountain ranges. Two magnificent mountains that together house the largest open-air megalithic museum in Portugal.
Baião is a land that surprises those who visit it. A land of mysticism and magic. And a destination of reference in sustainable tourism.
From here you will ascend to the plateau of the Aboboreira mountain range, walking along trails with magnificent landscapes, and then descend to Aldeia Velha. You will run through centuries-old trails, a verdant forest and the beautiful Goiva waterfalls.
It’s an excellent opportunity for those looking for a very short distance, but keeping the identity of the Marão mountain range.

Let yourself be enchanted!

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What To SEE

departure times

// saturday, April 1,  2023
// 11:00 (Campelo – Baião)
// limit time: 8h

limit registrations

500 people


// 25 km e 1000 m d+
// Maximum quota: Abogalheira, 902 m
// Minimum quota: Pista do Formão, 58 m
// 1 saws, 1 mountain range
// Difficulty level: (1000/10)/25 = 4 pts
// Itra: 25+ (1000/100) = 35 pts



Town Hall, you will walk along a series of rural trails. These are magical places of great beauty all the way to the plateau of the Aboboreira mountain range. Here, the adventurer is rewarded with superb panoramic views as far as the eye can see. And by seeing several dolmens in loco, the athlete is invited to feel a journey back in time of our ancestors, several thousand years ago.

8,4 Km / 505 mD+ / 116 mD-

Maximum time: 2h30
Limit hour: 13h30


The mysticism of the Aboboreira mountain range and the vestiges found here are the perfect harmony for the encounter with our ancestors, thousands of years ago. This encounter ends as soon as we reach Aldeia Velha. The already bucolic scenery is quickly invaded by an exuberant succession of magnificent waterfalls that run along the Goiva stream. You reach the S. Simão de Gouveia picnic park. And flanked by the successive waterfalls, soon after refueling.

8,9 Km // 97 mD+ // 846 mD-

Maximum time: 2h30
Limit hour: 16h00


Descend to the Ovelha river. Take a short climb up an abandoned levada.

In Salvador do Monte, after crossing the village, you follow a short descent to the Tâmega River. You walk two kilometers along the river through a forest trail and arrive in Amarante. End of the challenge.

9,6 Km // 378 mD+ // 508 mD-

Maximum time: 3h00
Limit hour: 19h00

WHAT they say

“It was the first time I made the 25 km and I was a little afraid of the criticism of last year. But my expectations were exceeded, the route was very well marked, good supplies, the staff was friendly and helpful. It was a very very hard but excellent proof, next year I will certainly come back. “

Ivete Alves

Ticket TABLE

LocalityKmPartial DistanceSupplyHeightPartial SlopeAscentDescentAccumulated positive slopeAccumulated negative slopeFirst runnerLast runnerTime barriersCoordinate GPS 
Sra. Guia8,48,4AB 994838950511650511611:4212:3013:3041.19422-8.04299 
Gouveia (S. Simão)17,38,9AB 8199-7499784660296212:2514:5016:0041.22523-8.07206