Since its very first edition, Ultra Trail do Marão has stood out for its responsibility towards the sustainability of the region.

We are aware of this commitment and of the resulting impact on the environment, the so-called Ecological Footprint, and we have always encouraged eco-responsible behaviour. Since all our communication is always preferably in digital format rather than physical (billboards, flyers, paper), and gradually extending to other areas, such as the beaconing that from the 2017 edition onwards was made only by reusable material (we highlight the elimination of the use of plastic in the markings) and since the 2019 edition regarding the awards: medals and trophies. Here, original products were created, personalized, and made with eco-friendly materials, more environmentally friendly.

For the 2022 edition, we propose to all those who decide to register for this event, a small (optional) contribution for the purchase of native trees. Together with the local partners who have accompanied us over the last few years, we will use the funds raised to develop tree planting and reforestation actions in the geographical areas where the Ultra Trail do Marão takes place. These actions will be scheduled and carried out by the Organization following the guidelines of these local partners who, better than anyone else, know the region, the species, and the right time to do the planting.

You can also join this initiative by selecting the extra “Ecological Compensation” when you register, and participate in the initiative, which the organization will announce through its communication channels in due course.